Parent Jobs

At the Camas-Washougal Parent Co-op, parent jobs are an important part of the day-to-day running of the preschool and keeping tuition low. Each parent is required to have one parent job per child they have enrolled. The parent jobs take the place of having the additional costs associated with tasks such as cleaning the classrooms, social event coordination, or administrative duties.

Parent Jobs:

Classroom Coordinator – Prepares the monthly calendar, schedules the helping parents, contacts parents in their child’s class per the teacher of Vice President’s directions regarding special announcements.

Teacher Assistant: Responsibilities include collating books, making copies, changing hallway displays, helping out with book orders and providing help as needed.

Memory Book Committee: Each parent creates a digital memory book for their child’s class.

Memory Book Chairperson: Responsible for coordinating the Memory Book Committee.

Class Photographer: Works closely with the memory book member for their class, taking pictures to create the memory book.

Social Committee: Responsible for organizing Fall social and the year-end picnic.

Social Committee Chairperson: Oversees social events.

Fundraising Team: Help the selling and distribution of Payback books, Pie Fundraiser, etc.

Babysitting Committee: Provide babysitting for board meetings.

Babysitting Committee Chairperson: Coordinates the babysitting committee.

Bulletin Board Display Team: Updates the hallway bulletin board backgrounds seasonally.

Marketing Team: Assists the Marketing Officer with ongoing marketing efforts for Registration, Fundraising and overall presence in the community.

Classroom Maintenance: Committee members work with the Maintenance Officer to clean the classrooms once per month.

Weekly Playground and Pet Care: Maintain the playground and care for the class guinea pig.

Janitorial: Committee members work with the Maintenance Officer to clean the high traffic areas once a week.

We assign jobs on a first-come, first-serve basis when possible. A registration packet is mailed in late July including a parent job selection form. You select your choices, mail the form back, and we send you a letter and/or email with the parent job you have been assigned.

Questions? Please contact Bridgette Smith at or 971-645-8192.

Please check the 2017-2018 School Calendar to be updated on events throughout the school year.