Preschool Allergy Policy

Camas-Washougal Parent Co-op Preschool Allergy Bylaw and Protocol

A section of the Camas-Washougal Parent Co-op Preschool bylaw regarding allergies was amended as follows by a unanimous vote of the Parent Board in November 2014:
Article VII, Section 2, Part A

The parents of a child enrolled in the Camas-Washougal Parent Co-op Preschool are responsible for completing an Allergy/Medical Conditions Form and alerting the teacher via email prior to starting school of any allergies or if the child has a medical condition that may require the teacher’s attention during class.

  1. The Preschool shall have a protocol in place that outlines the responsibilities of teachers, helping parents, and parents of children with allergies with regard to the handling of school snacks.
  2. The Policies & Procedures Manual and Parent Handbook will detail which ingredients, if any, are not allowed to be brought into the Preschool for snack time, as well as provide reasonable snack time guidelines that all families must follow.
  3. Each year, when the class roster and allergy information have been assessed, the Executive Board will review the allergy information as it pertains to the established protocol and determine if any adjustments need to be made.
  4. The Executive Board will communicate through multiple formats to explain the established allergy protocol to parents in each class, and parents will be required to acknowledge that the information was received.


2016-2017 Camas-Washougal Parent Co-op Preschool Allergy Protocol
In effect until further notice.

  • Parents of a child with an allergy or a medical condition that may impact the teaching of the class must complete an Allergy/Medical Conditions Form each year.
  • An allergy list will be created for each class noting the child’s name and his/her specific allergies. These lists shall be posted prominently in the classrooms.
  • Peanut or tree nut products, and products that may contain peanuts or tree nuts, are not allowed in any snacks brought into the Preschool.
  • All snacks brought into the preschool with more than one ingredient must be accompanied by an ingredient list (original store packaging or recipe if homemade).
  • Snacks brought into the school should not contain any of the items listed on your class’ allergy list.
  • Teachers will double check the snack brought by the helping parent against the class allergy list. If the snack contains an ingredient(s) found on the class allergy list, the snack will not be served to the class and a safe back-up snack will be provided.
  • If the child has a serious or life-threatening allergy, the parent of the child with the allergy shall also double check the ingredient list for the snack at the start of each class.
  • To adhere to the school’s allergy policy, for the safety of our students and to avoid additional mess, food or drink will not be allowed in the gym and/or outside playground.